(Automatic Car Wash System)

For over 20 years AQUARAMA ITALY produces high pressure washing systems, investing in research & development, technological evolution and innovation confirmed by the several obtained patents and high production technology in order to guarantee reliability, quality and long life.

From the beginning with self-service car washes, which at that time were considered a real revolution in Europe, today AQUARAMA offers a complete range in the world of roll-overs.

Independent and dynamic company, always focused on training, AQUARAMA brings together a team of experts, constantly updated on technological innovations, materials and high-performance systems.

The elegant and innovative design is a MUST that distinguishes AQUARAMA’s products. The production plant makes use of cutting-edge technological machines, distributed on a surface of 25.000 m², which 12.500 m² is covered.

AQUARAMA’s team, consisting of specialized engineers and architects, offers a professional qualified and customized service: feasibility analysis, deep study of the placement area of the machines, architectural, hydraulic and electrical planning, executive drawing, plant realization and installation performed by specialized technicians.

Stargate S4 


Stargate S6  




 Stargate S7  




Stargate S111