PULIMAX is a universal detergent suitable for cleaning fabrics, artificial leather and plastic parts.
PULIMAX cleans and restores the colors of the seats, dissolves dirt and any traces of nicotine from the weave of the fabrics, dispels even the most stubborn unpleasant odors and guarantees a thorough, hygienic clean.
Dilution in water: 1:10 up to 1:20.
Size: 25L


Is a professional product containing surfactants able to emulsify any type of dirt: grease, earth, gas oil, smog, etc.
Suitable for washing refrigerated trucks, tarpaulin heavy goods vehicles, interiors tanks washing, excavators and white vans where the dirt is ingrained, without having to use a sponge.
The product is also excellent for cleaning agricultural machines, diggers, containers, tanks, canvas covers and all surfaces which require maximum cleaning strength. Dilution in water: 1:25 Up to 1:80
Size: 25L


DIAMANT PLAST is a mix of natural waxes and polymers in the new, practical “no gas” version.
It is quick and easy to apply and produces a remarkable “silk” effect on plastics and leather interiors, effectively forming a long lasting and protective anti-depositing screen on plastic exteriors, able to resist even repeated washing.
DIAMANT PLAST protects and conditions the treated materials without smearing or whitening the plastic parts, thanks to the polymer screening effect and the conditioning effect of the vegetal waxes.
Dilution in Water: 1:1
Size: 25L.

HP 12

HP12 is a powerful universal multi-purpose degreaser for stubborn dirt, deeply cleaning and safely respecting the treated parts by avoiding any aggressive action.
Suitable for any kind of surface, at home as well as in the professional sector, HP 12 is characterized by a great versatility of application: it is a high-performance universal degreaser, as its name suggests, allowing you to solve any detergency issue in a definitive way and in any situation.
This product is ideal for cleaning vehicles, such as motorcycles, camping vans and boats, tools, gardening and DIY accessories, furniture and household objects, and even engines.
Size: 4.5L


Flux has been designed for perfect cleaning of vehicle bodywork with simultaneous self-drying effect.
The special formula combined with a neutral shampoo ensures delicate cleaning on any color or paintwork with a pleasant fragrance.
After rinsing, the self-drying content of the formula enhances fast drying of the vehicle without smears.
Dilution in Water: 1:140
Size: 25L


NOUVEAU NOIR is an easy-to-use product that protects the tires from the classic cracking effect by maintaining the elasticity of the side surfaces and giving them a constant shine.
The greatest advantages of NOUVEAU NOIR are primarily visible over time and the color immediately regains its natural look.
In keeping with the MAFRA philosophy and its eco-sustainable project, the NOUVEAU NOIR formula is free of the phosphates that are highly pollutant for water and land.
Dilution in Water: 1:3
Size: 25L


AUTOFLOR is an air freshener which leaves a long-lasting sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Its special ingredients make it an effective deodorant, eliminating and preventing foul odors and mould.
Dilution in Water: 1:3
Size: 5L