Mobile car wash: How to start a mobile car wash project

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April 24, 2017
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Mobile car wash: How to start a mobile car wash project

Mobile car wash: How to start a mobile car wash project

Mobile car wash: How to start a mobile car wash project

   Nowadays, mobile car wash market is becoming more prosperous. So it’s attempting to make a mobile or fixed car wash project, with this activity or by following mini-businesses and starting with a modern mobile car wash project using a used car wash or an automatic one. It will certainly be a winning project for you which attract you to enter the world of professional businessmen.

     But to start a mobile or fixed car wash, this type of business needs a pre-contract and certain information. Actually, it’s important to know how to target customers, what the training effect is and what are the applicable regulations. Choose the legal form and the district conditions to adopt and prepare papers, and also the main elements of a mobile or fixed car wash project.

   Cleaning company and specifically car wash project, can target individuals and companies, and also public cars in hospitals and public services. These are some steps and measures that determine the beginning of thinking about car wash project and start a company in this sector.

What goal can be determined for wash?

Before starting your own car wash project and the actual construction of cleaning business, you must specify customers you will target. You can consider different places where you can find wash customers which are:

  •           -at home.
  •           -as a service to a person.
  •           -for institutions.
  •           -for public buildings
  •           -for industrial companies.
  •           -for transportation equipment.

And your identity will be built and your own strategy on your target customer base. Make sure to determine the market you will work with before moving to the practical execution steps.

What is the followed training to start a car wash company?

Car wash project, and as a service provided to people and industrial cleaning is not a regular activity.

So, you are free to get the appropriate training from experienced people or to start without a special diploma. However, this activity is more complex than it seems to be because it requires a lot of knowledge, as well as in relation to this project, it requires a wide knowledge in business management.

A car wash company management includes variety of tasks such as:

  •           -cleaning product management.
  •           -schedule management.
  •         -productivity analysis.
  •           -accounting monitoring.
  •           -commercial prospecting.

This training is special and not mandatory, because business training is always a power source to help you develop your business management, within the mobile or fixed car wash project.

There are no specific regulations concerning wash. But some standards lets the company gets proof of its seriousness and discrimination against the competition, and what it can give to some markets which are considered “sensitive” like hospitals and chemical factories.

Through wash  municipal vocational recovery office and associated services you can know more about these measures and perhaps the most important ones are those that are tied to water drainage for fixed wash.

The legal form of a mobile car wash project

The legal form you choose depends on the image you want your project to grow with and your personal strategy.

That’s why it’s necessary to look at the different aspects:

  •           -do you want to join or create the wash project alone or with a partner?
  •           -do you target companies, sensitive markets or mobile cars?
  •           -will you work alone or provide hired-hand?
  •           -will you invest large amounts to start a big company?

Individual property or self-organization can be adapted if you want to develop your project. To start a company you must ensure professional competence if you were looking for professional customers, with providing sufficient capital. Also, if you want to start a company with large investment projects in the long term, project with sufficient capital. In fact, if you had to choose the type of your company according to certain conditions of the IPO (initial public offering), the legal company status is necessary if you were planning to employ workers and invest in business.

A work plan for a modern car wash project

The work plan before starting helps you formalize your own project: define the target market and the expected development strategy, the kind of structure and the legal form. So don’t hesitate to be accompanied by an accountant, especially in achieving financial expectations and funding/financing research on your micro-project or big wash.