Outdoor Pure Water

Outdoor Pure Water Cleaning System

Facing many obstacles and with outdoor cleaning might be a tricky and hard business.
Beyersan technologies made the job easier and professional . with maximum high 21 meter .

Consumption Cost Advantage; The most important feature of the system is to throw out the dirty water and give the pure water to the glass surface with the telescope channel.

High performance; Bayersan products from Turkey are well known for the very high performance and pure water filters are used in them. You can trust our products durability and reliability, with the perfect results.

High Efficiency; In the same time cleaning of the crane systems is done in 30m2, 250m2 place is cleaned with Bayersan RO. It reduces costs to a minimum with short time and few staff.

Effective Cleaning; Thanks to its perfect design, Our product is very useful and effective in the daily cleaning routine.


Our reverse osmosis system filters the mains water in 4 steps to make purified water. Glass facades, composite panels or granite faced facades are washed with pure water and left to dry naturally. Since there is no mineral in the water, water particles that dry naturally do not create stain marks on the surface. Because water is treated in 4 stages.

The system has 220V electric pump which can be adjusted between 4-12 bar. Thanks to this pump; At the same time, it can work with 2 separate telescopes. With high water pressure, joint intervals are easily cleaned. Up to 250m height can be cleaned. Water outlet is 9-10 bar

In the skyscraper clean, the system is left on the floor and the exterior is washed down from the top by entering into the basket of the building. The water and the motor are turned on and off with the remote control

The traditional method of cleaning


The modern method of cleaning