Steam wash: steam car wash at home. An innovative way

Mobile steam car wash: What does mobile steam car wash provide
Mobile steam car wash: What does mobile steam car wash provide
April 20, 2017
Steam wash device: Ecoclean provides car steam wash devices
Steam wash device: Ecoclean provides car steam wash devices
April 22, 2017

Steam wash: steam car wash at home. An innovative way

Steam wash: steam car wash at home. An innovative way

Steam wash: steam car wash at home. An innovative way

    Steam wash cleans, sterilizes and even removes fats from all cars’ external surface using the minimum water consumption amount. The method of steam car wash is an innovative one. Dry steam car wash is not only characterized with the viability of using it on most surfaces but also with its positive influence on our health and environment and with the strong pressure during steam washing.

Steam works like a natural antiseptic and cleaner for the places which are hard to access.

High quality steam for an innovative cleaning

     The steamer or steam wash machine produces steam with high temperature degrees (-150). It is possible to modify it according to the nature of the surface to be cleaned and dirt type. During cleaning, professional workers have the opportunity to set gas ability and this means the moisture content in steam so that it would be possible to control in terms of the high quality of the dry steam or the moist steam. Jet gas application alone is enough to obtain cleaning and performance which is more than enough and satisfying. That’s simply through wiping on the surface and making the handle distant. Steam cleaning is able to overcome resistant dirt with a system which has ongoing and constant quality. The cleanest steam and echo-clean kill bacteria dissolve fats and grease. This flexibility and variety in usage possibilities of steam wash makes cleaning with it a safe and effective means for a professional cleaning.

 Multifunctional steam wash

Steam wash with its characteristics which eliminate germs and fungus is an adequate method for problems which professionals are facing during wash, for more applications are:

Industrial cleaning:

  Steam wash cleans and removes dirt found on substances using a machine or steam cleaner. It removes fats and grease from production equipments and manufactured products. With a combination of temperature and pressure, it is possible to get rid of dirt out of metal, plastic and complex substances. So, once you pass steam through them, they are made sterile and cleaner.

Decontamination in food industries:

    Steam decontaminates facilities and production machines in food industry. Roofs and external surfaces which are in direct contact with food are subject to the highest standards of health and hygiene.

    Steam wash comes here to decontaminate every floor to support the roof and get rid of all bacteria that may cause risks for food production.

 Car wash:

    Steam car wash is fully used (water-free) internally and externally and steam cleaning is ideal for a car. With steam, it is possible to apply a complete, professional wash for chassis, wheels, engine and

cockpit. Cleaning is practiced on every surface to keep it away from additional water amounts which may cause any damage for the vehicle.

Medical hygiene:

    Steam decontamination method is quite satisfactory. Medical decontamination protocols recommend steam to achieve a radical elimination of germs and all kinds of bacteria. In medical institutions, which will be in contact with patients, steam clean of germs allows for a healthier and more effective cleaning in a sensitive environment like a hospital.

Removing grease in the kitchen:

   Removing grease out of the oven or other cooking equipments is possible through steam machine which folds on the grease stuck remains in the kitchen under the influence of jet steam with a high temperature degree without any chemical products. In addition to that, on the hardest areas with the contribution of some accessories from echo-clean products the cleaning product is made faster and easier.

Cleaning hotels’ rooms or the place of living:

   It’ possible to use steam wash to keep public places and hotels’ rooms clean and all of these missions are possible to achieve easily with the method of steam. This method is 100% compatible with environmental surrounding. It facilitates the cleaning process of every angle deeply and in the shortest time without risks for the agents of the service.