SW15 Hot-Foam is the ideal machine for cleaning upholstery with short drying time. It sprays a special dense foam on the surface to be cleaned. After some seconds the dirt is removed by vacuuming foam with the hand tool. Unlike a normal solution of water and detergent, dense foam does not penetrate in the depth of the textile, but acts only on the superficial layer, just where the dirt lies. This allows an excellent cleaning result and a very short drying time.

The new High Waterlift technology further improves both cleaning and drying time. The foam humidity degree is adjustable

Technical Data :

Recovery tank capacity: 14 litres
Solution tank capacity:14 litres
Tank construction: High density polyethylene
Vacuum motor: Two stages - High Waterlift
Power: 1500 W
Maximum waterlift:3000 mm H2O
Maximum air-flow: 50 l/sec.
Pump with by-pass:Vibrating
Power: 70W
Maximum pressure: 4bar
Maximum water-flow:1,5 l/min
Compressor: 350 W
Max. performances:20-30 seats/h
Solution consumption (water + detergent): 30-40 grams/seats
Dilution rate: 1 part detergent to 4 parts water
Cable length: 10 m
Weight (machine body):48 kg
Weight (packaged machine):65 kg
Dimensions:32 x 55 x 97 cm
Package dimensions:42 x 65 x 100 cm
Hose length:2,5 m
Standard colours:Blue
Heater power: 1800W (1500W at 100V)
Max foam temperature: About 50°C