Costs and Requirements of a Steam Car Wash Project: Mobile or Automatic

Management planning for a steam car wash project

1 – You have to decide whether you are intending to have a company which concentrates on the shop or the consumers.

When you start your respective commercial tasks for a steam wash project, or any other cleaning project, you can choose where you are supposed to offer your services. Is it for the commercial and housing spaces or a mobile one?

The definition of your targeted costumers makes you focus on the right choice of the equipments and tools you are supposed to need in your project along the costs and the nature of services for car wash.

Commercial shops just like work offices require generally cleaning operations at weekends including grounding, bathrooms and dirt clean in addition of cooking areas, doors and windows. Generally these are the tasks included in those types of services. This represents a stable work with good income.

2 – Understanding the services you would like to display within your car wash project

All of the washing and the cleaning services are multi-tools but some companies are specialized in one type of cleaning. When you decide about the services you will be providing and think about the abilities you have which are clearly possible to offer in relation to your pre-owned data. The following are some types of the services you can offer within your wash project :

  • Carpet cleaning and floor polish
  • Window cleaning services
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Cleaning services for private houses
  • Organic cleaning services

3 – Thinking about opening a concession or starting your business

If you are looking for stability, a company may be your best choice since it is a part of a concession. This will allow you to enjoy a safe and secure work experience under your known and special trademark.

If you manage to operate you’re your own special commercial business, you will build up mutual confidence with your customers. But you are supposed to need more flexibility.

4 – Your choice of an adequate name and space for your company is crucial!

Whether it is a room in a work building or a rented shop, you will have to decide about the appropriate location where you are supposed to practice your project tasks.

If you are planning to work at home, you will not have to pay renting costs for your project and you will save your money. However, you will have to store your tools and equipments in your house.

The availability of a commercial shop for a steam car wash will push you to plan regular meetings with your customers within the professional settings. You can set up some comfortable chairs for customers while you are describing your services to them.

The availability of your own personal trademark will help you in advertising. And building up your own trademark will help you display your name and logo to all people who come across your workplace for your project to be really achieved.

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