Costs and Requirements of a Steam Car Wash Project: Mobile or Automatic

Foundation and Realization of Automatic or Mobile Steam Car Wash Project

1 – Prepare and manage the special equipments for the project

Relying on the services you are supposed to provide, you will need to buy some products like cleaning products for the soil and manufactured dirt bags, electric broom or steam cleaning equipment…etc to make your work progressing and to obtain high quality and extremely professional products which can support hardship and accompany you for years.

Make sure that you actually have insurance for good equipment and huge tools during workout. During the first weeks, you can manage to rent your own equipments to make sure it is adequate to your prior standards.

2 – The purchase of the company’s car

You will need a lorry or a transport car. You can obtain the vehicle from the work owner if you are working collectively or any other individual. But, if it’s not the case, you will have to rent or buy a special car from private companies. A means of transport is the most important of what you will rely upon as it represents a crucial factures in the process of serving your customers.

It is also necessary to provide a photo for your company along with the logo on the car in addition to special phone number which will be a good idea for your project.

3 – Hiring a staff worker relevant with your wishes

You can start alone a steam car wash project at the beginning and  your business will grow larger and you will need to recruit more hired hand. Make sure that you know all the legal requirements of hiring employees and the professional touch concerning high quality services and professional deals with customers.

4 – Making your pricing lists

You have to take in consideration the hired hand costs, consumed products and general costs to and you have to know exact prices of the services you are going to offer for profit purposes.

Try to do some research related to the costs of the services and maintenance. You are free to negotiate pricing with every new customer. But it’s better to know that it’s important to keep your capital stable for an ultimate profit.

5 – Building up a trademark for steam car wash project and advertising your work

You have to think thoroughly about all possible ways to attract your customers for you to have basic customers for your cleaning work.

It is possible for a small crowd of customers to cover your costs on the project while waiting for a larger population to enlarge your business.

Advertizing in the local newspapes, magazines and shops together with giving offes to new customers.

Opening accounts in social media channels such as facebook, twitter snapchatt…etc to advertize about your work and project.

Make sure you have a professional website on the net which gives the lists of services and contact information.

6 – Professionalism and confidence in your work

When you start working with cusomers, it’s top interesting to respect the customer’s space and personal stuff while you work. You should avoid personal things which can be spoilt if any other damage occured to the customer’s proprieties. And if any object has been stolen from the customer’s house, this would harm your commercial esteem.

If any tool or object has been broken you have to express your appologies and regret to the customer and replace it rapidly.

Put everything back in its primary location after you finish your cleaning and washing operation. Don’t touch the others’ personal stuff as long as you are not asked to do so.

Stay away from locations which you are not asked to clean.

Eco Clean Advice

You have to think thouroughly about adequate ways to invest time and energy searching about special cleaning and washing products.

The vast majority of traditional cleaning products contain volatile chemicals with a probable harm. Get rid of them and use the latest cleaning products and insist on healthy cleaning methods. Try to provide cleaning products which are volatile chemical -free for your special customers. This can help your project stand strongly with highly professional tools allowin for a more professional, rapid and high quality work.

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