Panda 215 SmallXP 1 Motor

Panda 215 SmallXP 1 Motor

IPC Soteco Panda 215 XP Small is a compact and lightweight professional vacuum cleaner for collecting dry and liquid dirt. With a tank of 18 liters, the device is able to cope with any, even a difficult problem, it will perfectly collect spilled water, dust, dirt, etc. Suitable for cleaning small warehouse and retail premises, hotels, office centers, etc.

Professional wet & dry vacuum cleaner, compact and versatile, perfect for vacuuming both dusts and liquids. It can operate in small to medium size area thanks to its small size, and at the same time its last generation motor guarantees great performances and contained noise. These characteristics make it suitable for cleaning operations in different spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms and workshops.


  1. Flexible suction hose, 2 m long.
  2. Connecting knee
  3. Extension tube, aluminum / plastic, 2×0.5 m.
  4. Switchable floor nozzle, working width 250 mm.
  5. Nozzle for collecting liquid and moisture, working width 250 mm.
  6. Upholstery nozzle (manual nozzle)
  7. Crevice nozzle
  8. Round brush attachment


  • For dry and wet cleaning

  • Provides professional cleaning

  • Motor: double insulated and independently ventilated

  • Tank body: stainless steel

  • Overflow protection: float

  • Handle: easy movement

  • Swivel wheels: yes, roller

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