Standard Electric Outdoor RO System

Bayersan Standard Electric Outdoor RO System

Outdoor Pure Water Cleaning System

  • Applications:

    4-Stage Purification system that will produce 100% DeIonized spot free water. Simply connect to a water source and your ready to go. System uses a sediment filter, carbon filter, DI Cartridge, and a reverse osmosis membrane.

    Complete System (ready to work);

    – Premium 220V Electric RO Machine
    – Optional Water Fed Poles; 15m, 19m 21m with hose and conenctions.
    – Angle Adaptor
    –  2 diffirent brushes; 27cm Square brush, 25cm Angle brush
    – TDS meter
    -Optional -Dosing chemical pump

Technical Details

  • Rotary Pump 220V – 65 Hz, Single Phase has adjustable pressure bar from 4 to 8 bars.
  • 4”X40” Low Pressure Mebrane
  • 10” Sendment & Carbol Filters
  • 7l DI Tank
  • Pure water production rates 7 litres per minute
  • Designed for using up to 2 water fed poles at the same time.
  • It works without electric  power with 4 bars city water pressure up to 30m high.
  • Manuel operating system
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