DS SCALE 100ML - 1000ML

DS SCALE 100ML - 1000ML
DS SCALE 100ML - 1000ML


DS is an acid pH nano shampoo. Its innovative formula sequesters and eliminates the patina generated by limescale residues or acid rain contamination, allowing to prolong the effect of the protective layers previously applied. Its unique concentrated formula degreases and purifies to prepare the surface for the nano coating, both on the glass and on the bodywork.

For maintenance or as a foam shampoo, dilute 20ml of product per 1lt of water (1:50), spray on the entire car, wash with a high quality Fra-Ber glove, wait from 1 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The product can also be used with pure or pre-diluted 1: 3 foaming guns. We recommend applying it every 3 washing cycles to purify the surface. For extraordinary decontamination or from acid rain, use pure or dilute 200ml of product every 1lt (1: 5), one wet panel at a time, using a glove or a cotton pad. Rinse.

Do not apply the product on hot surfaces and do not let the product dry or remain on glass or other surfaces for a long time.

15 ml / panel (extraordinary decontamination) – 20 ml / car for maintenance.

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