S1 WASH & COAT 100ML - 1000ML

S1 WASH & COAT 100ML - 1000ML
S1 WASH & COAT 100ML - 1000ML


S1 is a neutral shampoo that contains the most sophisticated formula we have ever developed, the first SiO shampoo in the world for enzyme detailers (patent n ° 14730984.3) which deeply cleanses, protects and prolongs the life of the previously applied coating. S1 breaks down the most stubborn organic dirt and thanks to the enzymes that can act several times on the same molecule-substrate of dirt (for example a layer of earth), a reduced quantity of S1 guarantees a remarkable washing power and a really deep cleaning * allowing to extend the protective layers previously applied or still to be applied. Its unique formula, with the finest raw materials available, adheres to the surface protecting it from alkaline agents, “bird drop” and creating fantastic beading and sheeting effects for up to 4 months.

* Compared to the enzyme-free version.

Shake before using. Dilute 10-20ml of product in 1lt of water (1: 50-1: 80), spray on the entire car and wipe with a high quality Fra-Ber glove. Rinse thoroughly. S1 can also be used with a prediluted 1: 3 foam lance. To maintain sealants or coatings, dilute 7-10ml of product in 1lt of water (1: 80-1: 150). For maximum hydrophobicity: pour a few drops on the wet glove and spread it on the wet vehicle. Rinse. Maximum protection occurs 7 hours after application.

Do not apply the product on hot surfaces and do not let it dry.

15-20 ml / machine.

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