Touch-less concentrated degreaser. This is a cutting-edge product due to its intense detergent properties that can also be obtained even with extreme dilutions in case of hard water. It removes all kinds of dirt (grease, oil, smog, gnats, diesel oil, etc.) effortlessly and without attacking the treated surfaces. It is characterised by excellent degreasing properties and concentration, quick rinsing and safe use.

Thanks to its characteristics of balanced foam, quick rinsing and safe use, it is utilised with excellent results by car washes where no sponges or gloves are employed for the cleaning of tarpaulins, rims, floors and objects requiring intense degreasing. It contains surfactants that are easily biodegradable according to detergent regulations, compatible with all purifying methods.

Pre-wash with sprayer, dilute 1 litre of product in 30-80 litres of water.
Pre-wash with self-service pressure washers. In this case, use it pure and draw 20-40 grams per automobile.
Foam nozzle: 1:4 / 1:10.
After diluting the product, spray it on the surface to be treated, from the bottom up, for more even distribution. Rinse using a pressure washer.
As a degreaser for floors and mechanical parts: from 2 litres in 8 litres for intensive cleaning to 30-60 ml in 8 l for regular cleaning; in case of intensive cleaning you need to rinse with water
Caution: In case of dark-coloured, old and rusted paints, avoid washing them when they are hot, using water to cool them down beforehand. Do not use the product on motorcycles. Do not spray on parts made of light alloy. In case of new or delicate materials, always test beforehand on a hidden surface.

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