CleanMaster Extreme EX 100

The hand sprayer CleanMaster EXTREME EX 100 is a real expert when it comes to the application of solvent-containing media, such as brake or wheel cleaners as well as tar or stain removers.

The pressure sprayer with a capacity of 1 litre and a max. operating pressure of 3 bar impresses with its sturdy tank made of highly resistant polyethylene and seals made of resistant FKM+.

Resistant to petrol, benzene, oil, alcohol as well as organic solvents.

Technical Details

  • Filling capacity 1,00 L

  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar

  • FKM+ Seals

  • Plastic hollow-cone nozzle

  • Ergonomically shaped handle

  • Transparent level indicator strip

  • Total capacity 1,30 L

  • Sturdy plastic container

  • Oil-proof version

  • Plastic pump

  • Safety relief valve

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