MOBI MIDGET™ RODI Portable Trolley

The new MOBI MIDGET™ mobile reverse osmosis filter, for on demand pure water in hard water areas.

  • Compact frame
  • Pre-filtration and final polishing all on board to ensure spot-free cleaning
  • Stainless hozelock-type couplings for long life
  • Handheld TDS meter for accurate water checks
  • 230V mains supply with fitted RCD Plug for protection or battery powered with charger

Where there is access to both water and mains power, the MOBI MIDGET™ electric powered trolley will produce enough water and pressure for 1x operators to clean up to 72ft. This is unit is capable of producing up to 1,200 gallons per day.


  • Unit can be used in either horizontal or verticle positions
  • Stainless hose couplers
  • Solid tyres for outdoor use
  • Robust frame
  • Four membranes provide consist flow
  • Prefiltration and DI filtration for optimum results
  • Pressure gauge monitors pressure in membrane housings
  • Industrial booster pump and motor for long life.

Operating Specifications

  • Filtration: Pre-filtration, Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionised
  • Max Pressure: 120psi
  • Max Flow: 1,200GPD*
  • Final Water TDS: 000ppm
  • Voltage: 230V RCD plug, or 12V AGM Battery
  • Operators: 1
  • Inlet TDS Range: 100-400ppm

* In optimum conditions


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